Nooit Meer Werken

The Zeeuws Museum presents an exhibition on work: then, now and in the future. The farmer and the fisherman have long been iconic images of Zeeland. Work is changing rapidly: flex is becoming the norm and in more and more professions, machines are replacing or supplementing humans. In the future, work will play a new role for younger and older generations. Against the background of Zeeland’s leisure industry, artists are diving into the past, observing the present and looking ahead to the future. As part of a varied public programme, working in collaboration with educational institutions, business and policy makers, we investigate the significance of these changes for Zeeland.

Participating artist amongst others are James Beckett, Jeremy Deller, Janne van Gilst, Manon van Hoeckel, Christian Jankowski, Lisette Olsthoorn and Ottonie von Roeder.